Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

Jackie is a tarot practitioner and lifelong artist originally from New York. She answered the call and moved to NYC where she pursued a career as a designer.

7 years later on a snowy New Year’s Day in Brooklyn, the parallels of city life and the tarot became clear. This vision inspired her to create a deck that celebrates city life, one that welcomes tarot readers of all levels and supports those looking to bring their dreams to life.

Learn more about the illustrator and creator of Midnight City Tarot.


1. What are your big 3 (Sun/Moon/Rising)
Pisces, Cancer, Virgo

2. Which tarot card have you been pulling recently?
The Magician
3. Which tarot card in the major arcana do you relate to most? 
The Moon and The Hermit
4. What is your favorite season in NYC?
Spring. I absolutely love seeing the little buds on the trees and the flowers start to bloom. (The renewal and rebirth of spring in NYC is a major theme behind the City of Dreams oracle deck!)
5. What inspired you to move to the city?
In 2012 I took a trip to NYC with friends to celebrate New Year’s. 2012 was such a major year and the first few moments of it changed the trajectory of my life in a super positive way.
It was a perfect Wheel of Fortune moment. I felt all of the magic in the city and I knew I had to be a part of it.
6. What is your go-to order at a coffee shop?
I love hot chocolate with oat milk
7. What is your biggest dream for the collective?
Peace and harmony.
8. What is one thing on your altar?
A little handcrafted broom from Flower Power NYC.
9. Which Midnight City Tarot card is your favorite and why?
The Fool. It was the first card that came to me when I got the inspiration to create the deck.
It encompasses the energy I was in when I felt the call to move to NYC (and again when I created the deck!)
10. What is your favorite herb or plant to grow?

I love gardening! It’s such a precious miracle every time a seed sprouts and there are so many metaphors and life lessons that I’ve learned from gardening.

Cherry tomatoes, basil and rosemary are my all-time favorites to grow, but I’m always experimenting and trying new things all the time!

11. What is something that Tarot has taught you?
That everything is temporary, and cyclical.
12. What is one thing you wish you’d known when you started working with the Tarot?
That there is such a big tarot community out there!
13. Which place in NYC feels most magickal to you?

Lower Manhattan. The Westside Highway at sunset. Driving across the Brooklyn Bridge because it feels like opening up to all of the potential in the city. It’s marvelous.

And, Prospect Park provided a connection to nature and a place to go running, connect with friends and unplug from it all.

14. What is your go-to tarot spread, or question to ask the tarot?
The City of Dreams Spread! I developed this spread when I was going through a difficult time to help remind myself that I deserve to live a life I’m super happy with. I’m really proud to be able to share this with everyone because it’s something we all deserve.
15. What is your favorite book or one you’d recommend to us?
Electric Body, Electric Health by Elieen McKusick It gave me a new understanding of how the world around us works. This paradigm correlates and reinforces what I’ve experienced when I pull tarot cards, give or receive reiki, feel connections with other people, plants and animals, etc.
All that wonderful, mystical stuff suddenly had a very simple explanation. It’s helped improve my trust in my intuition.
16. What is your favorite color and why?
Purple! My birthday is in February (birthstone is Amethyst) and I always felt a special connection to this color. It’s mystical, regal, funky and fun all at the same time.
17. What song puts you in the best mood?
My Midnight City Tarot playlist. Each song takes me back to memories that are really special to me when I lived in NYC.
I listened to it on repeat as I illustrated the deck, so the cards are twice infused with this special magick.
18. Which phase of the moon do you feel most connected to?
The New Moon. It reminds me of the feeling I have at midnight. The darkness is so fertile and full of potential. It’s also a time when I feel like I can rest and turn inward to connect with creative ideas and inspiration.
19. How did you first get introduced to the tarot?
One summer when I was in college, my mom and I were at Park Ave Fest in Rochester. One of the shops was offering tarot readings. I was processing grief and looking for a new path forward, so it’s no wonder I felt really called to get a reading.
I was totally new to it, and even though I didn’t know what to expect I felt so curious and intrigued.
The tarot reader ended up being my high school calculus teacher.
It was such a wonderful introduction into tarot. It really shaped my perspective to see someone so logical and left-brain pulling cards and being super in touch with her intuition and this tool.
I’m really grateful for that introductory experience.
20. What is your favorite offering that you provide and why?
My deck! I hope that it inspires you to follow your dreams, big and small.
21. Where can people find you?
Here, at the Midnight City Tarot blog!
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