The Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread - Insight and Support for the Year Ahead

The Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread - Insight and Support for the Year Ahead

New Year's is a really special time here at Midnight City Tarot. It marks the day, over a decade ago, when the idea to move to NYC sparked in my mind and I was driven to make this dream happen.

Along the way, so many signs and synchronicities guided me forward on my path to eventually move to and live in New York City, and go on to create the Midnight City Tarot deck, inspired by this journey.

At the time, I wasn't sure where I was being lead, but I felt so inspired to keep going. I would get little whispers, inspirations, ideas to follow and nudges to try different things. The path ended up being one of many highs and lows, learning lessons, and major growth - it was the complete story of The Fool's journey told through the tarot.


After 7 years living in NYC, I sat on my bed in my Brooklyn apartment on New Year's Day. Snow was falling outside and I had my favorite deck of tarot cards out, and my journal. It had become a yearly ritual to do the Wheel of the Year spread (I learned about it from Kim Krans 💜) I called in my guides and helpers and we got right to it. 12 cards, one for each month, plus one card which would represent the theme of the year.


It was in this moment, sitting in front of this circle of cards that I saw my experiences in NYC play out like cards from the tarot. I grabbed my notebook and the vision for Midnight City Tarot poured out. This would turn out to be another exercise and learning lesson, on how to trust and believe in myself in order to make this deck a reality.

I will be forever grateful that Midnight City Tarot chose me to be its messenger. I've heard there is nothing more powerful than an idea that is ready to be born and I've lived that with Midnight City Tarot. When the inspiration is so strong, each step on the path lights up, one by one until years later you look back and realize how far you've come and how much has been done. During the process of moving to NYC and creating Midnight City Tarot, I have come to understand it was my future self, and I also believe, all of us who love and work with the deck, asking and supporting its design and release into the world. I want to thank you deeply for your support as well.

I'd like to share this spread with you, and I hope that it provides inspiration and guidance for the year to come.

Before doing a reading, I highly recommend setting the stage. Clear your space and energy with sound and prayer. (A tuning fork or singing bowl is great but things as simple as clapping, signing or toning are so potent and work beautifully.) Call in your guides, helpers, angels, future self or most happy, vibrant, harmonious version of yourself to sit with you and help. Set the intention that the information that comes through is the most clear, authentic, supportive and helpful as possible, and that this reading is for the highest and best good of all involved.

The Wheel of the Year

1. January
2. February
3. March
4. April
5. May
6. June
7. July
8. August
9. September
10. October
11. November
12. December
13. The Theme of the Year

You can set the cards out in a circle, starting with January at the top. The 13th card can be placed in the center, the theme that all of the cards will orbit around.

I recommend writing your results down in your journal. It is beyond beautiful to be able to look back at the messages during the year, and well after. The ideas that come from the cards, the symbols that stick out to you the most can be lovely things to highlight. But also, try not to be too caught up in how it will play out. I find it helpful to have a road map for the year, but stay detached and this spread is a reminder that time cycles on and on and we don't stay in any one card forever.

I'd also like to add the suggestion of flipping through the rest of the cards left, and finding the one that you'd like to help guide you, and let that be your North Star this year. May you find the support, guidance, encouragement and may your most beautiful path be illuminated. Wishing you new year that is blessed beyond measure.

With Love and City Magic,



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