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Midnight City Tarot

Spell Candles

Spell Candles

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Candle magic is an effective way to shift the energy into a desirable state.

Work with these colorful candles to help you line up with dreams and amplify your intention.

These spell candles pack a punch and are available in all of the colors of the rainbow (and the midnight sky).

The color of red lights and stop signs that manage traffic on the city streets. Red can be used to clear blockages, or to create a barrier of protection. Fierce and powerful, red is a power color that can be used for anything requiring an extra boost of passion and motivation. Red is associated with the root, stability and safety.

Creativity, success. Orange brings projects to fruition with a burst of zest. Nestled between red and yellow on the color spectrum, orange calls in both of these forces and harmonizes them, creating a powerful, uplifting creative force.

The color of sunshine. Associated with the solar plexus and self-confidence. Yellow offers a wonderful boost of vibrant, easy fun. Celebrations, solar-returns and happiness are represented by the color yellow. Compliments the Midnight City Tarot Strength and Sun cards.

Lush like a vast green meadow and alive as the trees that line the park. Green is associated with universal love, the heart, abundance and money. Can be used to ‘grow’ what you desire. Compliments the 9 of Coins in the Midnight City Tarot deck.
Sky Blue

Peaceful like a beautiful blue lake, or clear blue sky. Expansive, serene, cooling. Associated with the throat. Assists in communication, especially speaking clearly and conveying truth.
Dark Blue

Studying, writing, speaking your truth. Works well with The Swords Court cards in the Midnight City Tarot deck.

The color of intuition and psychic information. Purple is a mystical color that is associated with the third eye. This is a deeply spiritual color that can enhance your claire-senses. Purple is royal and elevated. It’s no coincidence that this color surrounds the drawings of each Midnight City Tarot card : ) Works especially well alongside The Moon and The High Priestess cards.

The color of the void and the Midnight sky. Can be used for scrying, working with the new moon or banishing what is not of the greatest good. Black can be used as protection or to create invisibility.

General, all-purpose magic. White candles can be used for any purpose. I find them especially beautiful to connect with Spirit or loving ancestors. White can be very clearing. I associate the white candle with The Magician card.

Soft and sweet. Pink invites in self-love, or enhances love between people. Can soften a relationship, call in sweetness to one’s life. Pink (like green) is also the color of heart. Pink can harmonize energy. As the Ace of Cups teaches, self-love provides the basis for all other relationships. Compliments Temperance, Ace of Cups and 2 of Cups in the Midnight City Tarot deck.
The color suggestions are based on my own experience and they are meant as just that - suggestions. Let this be your jumping off point, and always use what feels right to you! Candle magic is an art, and unique to each practitioner. The colors that call to you do so for a purpose.


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