Why I Created Midnight City Tarot

Why I Created Midnight City Tarot

I believe that tarot finds everyone exactly when they are ready.


For me, I was about 19 years old and at a crossroads, I knew there was something bigger out there but I was completely unsure of the how's or if my dreams were even possible. 


It was summer and I was walking through a street fair downtown where I grew up. A little card table was set up and tarot readings were being offered. I didn't know anything about tarot at the time, but something deep inside told me I had to try it out.

This first reading brought me to tears and provided so much comfort. The tarot reader also happened to be a calculus teacher at my old high school. She was super kind and I always looked up to her but never expected she'd be reading tarot. It was the perfect intro I needed to this magical tool.

The cards confirmed I should follow my dream of moving to NYC (The Fool and Wheel of Fortune : )


When I was finally able to move, I brought my first tarot deck with me and whenever I had a question, or needed to feel like someone was there to guide me, I'd turn to the cards and get that confirmation I needed. The cards helped me so many times during life in the city.

About 7 years later, and after many highs and lows of living in NYC, I saw my journey there play out like the cards in the structure of the tarot. The vision came all in one swoop and I had to try to keep up with the imagery pouring out.


I had no idea when I packed my carry-on and boarded that one way flight to JFK that I'd eventually illustrate and self-publish my own deck to offer to the world, but looking back I can see how this path was unfolding one step at a time.


I'm so grateful for the tarot itself, the professional readers who helped me decipher the signs, my guides for whispering words of encouragement, and for all the sparks of inspiration that added up to help usher Midnight City Tarot in.

My heart really swells up with gratitude when I think about being able to share this deck with you and I hope it also provides you that same comfort and dependable reflection that tarot has given to me. 


I hope this deck will support you through any challenges, and remind you that there is always a north star there to guide you towards your dreams.




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