Collection: Tarot and Oracle Decks

The Midnight City Tarot deck was inspired by The Fool's journey through New York City. Using the traditional system of the tarot for its foundation, each card in this deck re-imagines the archetypes of the tarot within modern day NYC.

This unique and colorful tarot deck brings nostalgia and a portal to the dreamiest version of the city to the palm of your hands. Travel to Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond whenever you pull a card from this magical deck. Midnight City Tarot was created for beginners and tarot professionals alike, with each card depicting a clear message tying back to the traditional interpretations of the tarot.

Perfect for tarot newbies and beginners, the cards were made to be easy to read and interpret. Looking for a perfect gift for the tarot enthusiast in your life? Midnight City Tarot is a unique find, perfect for gift giving to your most magical friend or anyone starting a new adventure.

Our next-level oracle deck is inspired by the dreamiest version of New York City, with shining holographic foil accents and high quality linen cards. The images on the cards are borderless, transporting you into the heart of NYC. Inspired by the signs and synchronicities meant to guide you towards living your biggest and most beautiful life.