2024 Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading

2024 Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading

Our overarching theme of the year is the 4 of Wands

Take solace in community. Building stable structures with others is key.
This card speaks to foundations, balance, harmonious partnership, coming together, stable & supportive relationships, community, joy and celebration. (Love that for us!)

I take this as guidance to find stability, comfort, happiness and joy with the ones you love most.

I see these 4 wands representing a simple (metaphorical) structure you can build with people close to you, and in it you can find your center, comfort and happiness. In terms of partnership, friendship, romance - It will feel guided, Like it's meant to be. Stable, supportive and joyful.

January 5 of Swords

If you’re feeling defeated or like a rain cloud is hanging over you, know that this too shall pass. Take small steps forward, and ask for help when you need it.
There are many people around you that can offer a hand to help you up. Feel the feelings, and then know that better times are right around the corner. As we'll see, one thing this reading teaches is that nothing lasts forever!

February 1 of Coins

You’ve been given a gift. On your path appears a golden, glowing acorn that holds the codes and blueprints to your potential.

When you bring a project or a dream to fruition, it is not just the dream itself that grows, it is also you. The lessons learned, the proving to yourself that you are capable, all of it. You’re not just building your project, you are also creating the version of yourself who can.
Your dreams are so worth nurturing!

You are so deserving.

You have what it takes to see this through, that is why it appeared on your path. As you walked through Prospect Park, at just the right place, and just the right time, you looked down to find this golden seed of a dream.

Trust that the next steps on your path to bring this dream to fruition will line up and light up, just like this one did.
You will be given the next task when the time is right. Treasure this moment, hold it close. In the beginning phases, it can be best to keep this seed safe by not sharing too much too soon, the time will come for that. But for now, pick it up, treasure it, and place it in your pocket as you continue your walk.

March 1 of Wands

A spark of inspiration! With the lighting of this match, the passion for a project, idea or dream is lit within you.

You may feel that extra, almost electric, energy that propels you towards your next step. Your ability to see the potential in this little glowing flame means you have the wherewithal to bring this dream to reality.

April 5 of Coins

Okay so, there are cockroaches in the kitchen and that's maybe not an ideal sight. You may feel like your intention and hope for whatever this was isn't panning out.  A perspective shift can help switch up the vibe here. It may also be best to cut your loses, as this can indicate happiness and a better path found elsewhere.

May 7 of Swords

Trust issues. There may be some deception at play, or hidden information here.  Either way, there is more to the story.
Ask your higher guidance for help to see things clearly for what they are. This could also come in the form of the lies we tell ourselves to stay small for fear of being seen.

June 4 of Coins

Loosen your grip, fellow traveler.
Turn around and notice the beauty in the sunset and glimmering skyline behind you. You may not be at your destination yet, and that is okay, but you are your journey towards it. If you find yourself feeling strapped for resources, a new perspective is required.
You only need to turn around to see the beautiful sunset and glimmering city skyline to be reminded of the bountiful beauty all around you. Letting go will let life flow.

July Page of Wands

When you feel inspired to take action - go for it! This month you may be receiving extra nudges from your team of guides, and divine messengers.

Be open to those whispers of where to go, and who to talk to, and then show up! You’re being guided on your path.

Answering the call is a key step to making it happen.

August 8 of Wands

Swift movement! If you were feeling stuck or stagnant earlier this year, let this swoop in and clear out any and all of those old energies!

Ride the wave of inspiration. You have support and can catch the draft of energy this card brings with it.

September 5 of Wands

Conflict and drama can leave you feeling stuck.
You may feel like you’re at odds with a part of yourself, maybe the part that wants to stay small? The key here is going to lie in making a decision and then moving forward, instead of the back and forth.

Line up your heart and your mind to see the correct path. There is also a note about deciding when to engage and what is worth your precious energy.

October Knight of Cups

Very dreamy energy this month. In the vastness of the lake, the Knight of Cups paddles around, daydreaming.

You may feel  your creativity is flowing. Dive into that. Tap into the subconscious mind for creative inspiration and bring it back to the surface. Go where you feel inspired.

Your creative projects have the potential to ripple out and reach the world.

November  Queen of Wands

Real boss babe energy this month. Expect success. Enjoy the view from where you stand. You may feel you’ve been putting in the hours and now you are seeing results. This came from being open to receive them and trusting in timing. Proud of you.

December  The Wheel of Fortune

The wheels of fate are turning. Our very first, and only, Major Arcana for the year-ahead reading. And with it, brings a twist in fate. This feels destined. Like moving out of old, stagnant energies or monotony into the unknown of the next year. The cycles and spirals of time are at play.

You have the opportunity to make the most out of this big change. Go with the flow and trust in the cycles and seasons of life.

Teachers and Guides

After seeing so many minor arcana cards this year, I wanted to leave us with some extra direction.

I pulled two extra cards from the City of Dreams Oracle deck to build upon this reading and give us a guiding light. (I love combining tarot and oracle, especially for clarifying readings or getting more info!)
First, I wanted to see who our guide was - who could show us the way?

For that, we received Everything is Temporary.

And wow, yes, I laughed when it popped out - all of the minors feel like such small blips, with the only Major Arcana at the end coming in to let us know things are changing! Everything is temporary really solidified that feeling. It’s like lots of little moments added up to make the year without many big guideposts. And we have some challenging cards here, so the guidance is to remember that nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass

This card also speaks to having a wider conception or understanding of reality. We’re talking big picture, expansive thinking. Not going off what appears as the only layer of information. It’s about seeing below the surface, going deeper. It’s a gift to be able to see the world through this vantage point, beyond the illusion and surface into the true nature of reality.

Our teacher for the year...

Let Your Light Shine showed up to literally light up the path.

Remember you are so capable and strong. The teacher wants to show you that it’s okay to shine your light. I think a lot of us can feel afraid to do this, or feel obligated to dim our light for so many reason, but she wants us to know that it is okay to shine.
We accept that the flower blooms and the firefly glows. When we remember that we are nature too, it can be easier to accept our natural state as one of flow and shining brightly.

It’s more than okay to shine your beautiful and unique light out into the world, it’s needed. And just as you shine your light, others can see this example and feel inspired let their light shine in their unique way, too. It can start a dance of little fireflies lighting up the dark. When we all shine, we create a beautiful world. You can create true magic. Don’t hold back your sparkle!!
This is more than your permission slip, it’s your homework ✍️🕯️

Sending you endless love and city magic from NY,

P.S. This post was written by me, without the use of ai, so if you notice any typos know that they were made my a human : )
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