Pisces Season 2024 Reading

Pisces Season 2024 Reading

Pisces Season marks and extra special time here at the Midnight City Tarot HQ. Three years ago, I was preparing to press 'launch' on the Kickstarter campaign and begin this journey through NYC with you!

It's been a joy and an honor to share my art, story and readings with you! Thank you so much for being here!

Here's the latest on what the cards from the Midnight City Tarot deck have to say:

For the overall theme we have the Knight of Swords - if you've been feeling stuck or stagnant, you can expect for things to begin moving quickly again. The wind is at your back helping to propel you forward. You are supported. Swift and precise traction towards your goals can be expected. Where will it take you?


Holding you back for the month is the 3 of Wands creating some friction with the overall theme. There could be a feeling of lack of support of your dreams. Maybe there's a wobbly foundation, or a minor hitch in the plan. Minor being the key word, this too will pass. It's advised to take note of anything causing stagnation and then keep your sights on...


Who you can call on for support - Judgement. A profound change in the season of your life into one of renewal. Defrosting, thawing out, finding the sun again. Feeling uplifted and revived after a harsh winter. This card overshadows anything that may be holding you back and please know that you have the support of this powerful, supportive force behind you.


Underneath it all? The 6 of Swords. You're leaving something behind that no longer serves you. Still, it doesn't mean this ending will be easy necessarily. But know that what you are giving up is making space for you to become truly fulfilled in the future. In the void that was created by that ending, a new beginning of something more beautiful will grow.


Speaking of... for our next steps we have the 4 of Wands. This is also the card of the year here at Midnight City Tarot and this speaks to finding your people and creating (metaphorical) shelter with them. The structure and foundation that you can find within your family or chosen family will give you the stability and support you need to take the next steps towards bringing your dreams to life ✨

Lots of Love and City Magic,


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