Connecting with Your New Tarot Deck

Connecting with Your New Tarot Deck

Congratulations on your new deck! Whether it was a gift from a friend, a treat for yourself, your first deck or your fifth, this is the start of something special. Bringing home a new deck is like welcoming a new friend.

I really feel that each Tarot deck has it’s own unique voice and offers a special perspective. It might have a special take on the traditional meanings of the cards. That’s why I think it’s so important to dedicate some time and thoughtfulness into connecting with it and getting to know it. And if you are new to Tarot in general, make sure to also check out my tips for Tarot beginners!

Here is a rundown of tips that really helped me to connect with new Tarot decks. Hint: there is no better way to connect with your new Tarot deck than to spend a lot of time with it!

Make it a ritual

I was always taught to try to ground myself before working with the Tarot. Do this however you prefer. It can be as simple as sitting down, softly closing your eyes for a moment, taking some deep breaths, and noticing your energy. Stay in this space for as long as you need until you feel your energy sink down and ground. I’m a Pisces so I understand what it's like to feel un-grounded, or not fully in my body. I need to spend a long time grounding before I am ready to begin my readings so that I’m not floating around. It’s perfectly okay if this is a simple step for you, or if it takes a little longer. It can also totally depend on the day you’ve had and any number of factors. This is a great practice to get in the habit of doing.

Creating ritual around your deck will make your time together special.

Try cleaning your space before you begin. Whether it’s making your bed, or clearing the kitchen table, I find that physically clearing my space helps me clear my mind for a reading. You could even state that as you move objects out of the way “As I clear my physical space for the reading, I am also clearing space in my mind.” As the witches say: As above, so below.

Atmosphere can be an important tool to set the tone for your reading.

By transforming the atmosphere of your space for your reading, you are setting the tone that something special is about to take place.

You can try reading by candlelight. Maybe you even have a special candle that you work with only during readings. A candle in the mystical color of purple could be a lovely physical reminder that you are open to connecting with spirit and your own intuition. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Tea light candles can be lovely for this purpose. (Please be careful whenever you light a candle or work with fire, and never leave an open flame unattended.)

Perhaps try brewing a cup of tea to sip during your readings. This can serve as a reminder to slow down and bring in more of your senses to the space. Imbue your tea with your questions as it steeps.

I recommend storing your cards in their box or case when they are not in use, rather than leaving spreads out after you’ve done readings. Not only can the cards pick up stray energies, but practically – they could get damaged. Your deck is special and appreciates being treated as such : )

Meet the whole group!

When you are ready to being working with your new deck, I suggest taking all of the cards out, and placing them face up, in numerical order. The Major Arcana cards 0-22 and then the minor suits. This can really help to see the bigger picture. I touch on this more in my post titled: Helpful Tarot Tips for Beginners. All decks are uniquely different and this can be a chance to assess the names of the suits, and each card, as some modern decks have modified them.


Which card do you relate to?

When you have all of the cards from your new deck placed out in front of you, look around and see which one jumps out to you the most. Which one do you feel most connected to? Imagine yourself in the imagery. How would you feel or want act if you were in the scene depicted by the card. What would your wants, needs, desires and dreams look like?

Which card feels most at home to you today? This is a good opportunity to journal about the card you gravitated towards, how you feel about it, and your current situation. It is also a great time to research a little about the traditional meaning of the card and note any correlations between what you find and what you wrote. How does the traditional meaning resonate with you? Include any relevant notes or insights you may have learned in your Tarot journal.

Carry your deck with you

Having your deck with you in your bag will help you form a bond with it. Make sure that it’s wrapped in something, like a scarf or little bag, to protect it energetically and physically. Many Tarot readers and witches recommend using silk, cotton or a natural fabric.

Shuffle it

Handling your deck often will help you connect and get the feel for it. It’s also a great opportunity to practice different methods of shuffling.

Work with your new deck often

There is no substitute for spending time with your deck. It truly is the best way to become fluent with its unique voice and form a strong bond with it. Try starting a regular Tarot practice. Here are my suggestions on how to start a consistent Tarot practice.

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