A Spread for Bringing Your Dreams to Life

A Spread for Bringing Your Dreams to Life

Before the City of Dreams Oracle deck came into being, there was the City of Dreams Tarot Spread.

I created this spread as a way to support you as you follow the song of your heart - the things that light you up - your bliss.

The spread and the oracle deck are a natural pair and work beautifully together to help you move closer towards your dreams.

Each one is meant to take you by the hand, and guide you on your path.

With this spread, we uncover different aspects related to your specific situation, calling anything hidden to the surface and finding the best path forward.


For this reading, you'll pull 5 cards. The first card will be positioned at the top, bringing with it the theme and overarching message for the reading.

Next, below it and to the left you'll place a card which represents what is holding you back.

For support, this card will be positioned to the right.

Below it, you'll uncover the underlying themes or any energies that might be hidden.

The last card goes in the center and brings the advice of how to move forward or recommended next steps to take.


I hope you enjoy it and that it helps light up your way!




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