11:11 Signs and Synchronicities from The City of Dreams Oracle

11:11 Signs and Synchronicities from The City of Dreams Oracle

11:11 was the first card that I illustrated for the City of Dreams Oracle deck. 


It was also the first message I received that kicked off my entire journey to and through NYC. So, this is truly the little seed that eventually inspired both Midnight City Tarot and the oracle deck! 


Back when this sign was coming to me, I was working an office job just after college and I knew there was something more out there. The more I felt inspired to move to NYC, the more I kept seeing 11:11.


Each time I saw these repeating numbers, I would get an overwhelming feeling of love, and a KNOWING that I was on the right path. 🪽


Sometimes it felt like my head was gracefully being turned to catch the clock at exactly 11:11. This happened for weeks on end.


This was the first time I consistently felt divinely guided and I love being able to share that message with you and I hope you can feel the blessings coming through the art here.


There are a lot of pinks and hearts in this card because it felt like inspiration coming from the heart. The MetroCard ties into Midnight City Tarot and is The Fool's key to their adventures around the city. The plant leaves represent growth and abundance that comes from answering this call. And the books are for spiritual knowledge.


I am so grateful for this experience and for following this little breadcrumb that led me through the very spiritual experience of moving to, and living in, NYC and then being able to create these decks for you!


I hope this card inspires you to notice the signs and synchronicities that are lighting up your path


There are endless was to interpret this card when you see it in readings, and I love providing a jumping off point in the guidebook, but encourage you to form your own relationship with the cards. After time and practice I trust you'll get a feel for what this card truly means to you.


I take this to mean, divine timing, snychroncities, lining up with your path, Angelic guidance, messages from your future self, showing up and being available for blessings. The universe is speaking in symbols and patterns.

It feels very related to the Temperance card in Midnight City Tarot to me which has such an Angelic, peaceful and purely magical nature to it.

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