Embodying The Messenger

Embodying The Messenger

The Messenger from the City of Dreams Oracle has been fluttering around me lately, showing up in readings and during journaling sessions. She has some things she'd like me to share.

When I first conceptualized this card, it was based on a little dove that landed on my windowsill in my very first apartment in Manhattan. I had just moved to the city, to answer the calling of my here, with a carry-on and a dream. I was really ‘in it.’ Finding my way and living my Fool’s journey. When she landed on my windowsill with a gust from her flapping wings, she looked right at me like she had something to tell me.

It felt like my guides, Angels, spirit team had sent her over to let me know they were supporting me. She was happy to participate and make a pit stop during her travels to help convey this message to me.


But sometimes the cards I've illustrated end up having additional layers of meaning to them than I realized at first. It's funny but, once I use the deck for readings so much more unlocks. That’s been the case with this card!

She’s been popping up in my readings, and coming through with a new way to interpret this card.

Now I see that it’s not only about being open to receiving the messages, but it is about embodying the messenger yourself.

Becoming the messenger.

She’s been giving me a lot to think about regarding what it takes to be a good messenger.

In order to give and receive clear, constructive messages, it requires being clear. And your mind and heart working together to distill/convey the info. The way it's conveyed has a lot to do with how it is received.

I have been playing around a lot with tuning forks over the past couple of years, and exploring the idea that each of us emits a note, a sound, a frequency. When that note is in tune and harmonious, it adds to the symphony of us all singing together in a constructive and beautiful way.

And if it’s disharmonious, it creates a cacophony of noise.

I’ve been committing to keeping my note clear and vibrant, in order to be a good messenger. I want to be able to take in information and distill it, and then convey it clearly. I've noticed that when I am not clear, when my head and heart are not working together, there is 'static in the line' if you will, and I misinterpret the message or just miss it altogether. It's easy to see looking back, but was hard to see in the moment.

This doesn't mean painting over problems so I no longer see them, in fact - the opposite.

It involves going deep into the shadow, transmuting it, processing it, and becoming more whole. That way, instead of carrying around this discordant sound all the time, it can be processed swiftly. Leaving the energy body clear and able to sing out a bright and harmonious note.

I think of it like this - if you have cupboards that are super disorganized and a mess, every time you reach in there to grab what you need, something falls on your head. Or you can't find what you're looking for because it's stuffed way in the back so keep buying the same thing over and over because it's so out of sight/out of mind. You you may even avoid opening certain drawers because you don't want to deal with what's in there and how you'll feel when you see all that stuff you've been ignoring.

And then you have a choice - you could leave them like that, in a state of chaos, or you can muster up the strength and energy, clearing your schedule, and finally deal with it. You'll have to take everything out, even the gunky stuff in the back. It will probably look 100 times worse for a few hours, as you stand in the kitchen with everything strewn all over the floor and counters. I've been there, you've been there, it's not a great feeling, but then you start tossing out the expired stuff, finding some really good stuff in there, re-organizing, cleaning, and by the time you're done, it looks awesome and you wonder why this took you so long to get to this task. Your cupboards look great, you can find what you need, order has been restored! You even feel lighter and brighter, motivated to clear more parts of your home!

That's how I look at keeping my energy field clean and clear. It isn't about closing the cupboard doors and ignoring all the chaos under the surface, (convincing yourself that undealt with past traumas or experiences aren't bothering you even though you've never shed light on them) it's about going into the shadow, healing those lost parts, integrating them, and then being able to move forward in the world in harmony, and being able to express your true note.

And that's the crossroads, either live with the chaos under the surface and have it affect your life in ways you may not even realize, usually making it harder than it needs to be, and probably more difficult to interpret messages from your guides and others, or muster the courage to face it, process it and come out the other side even better than before, because now you are capable of massive transformation.

Keeping the cupboards clear, so to speak, helps to be the most efficient messenger.



A key step in being The Messenger is simply showing up. Being open to receiving the messages, and taking the steps, finding your voice and expressing the message. I've noticed that sometimes I hear a message from someone in a passing conversation, and it doesn't make sense until years later - and then it really makes sense. It's almost like the message was a little seed that sat dormant until the conditions were just right for it to sprout.


It’s not always easy or convenient to be The Messenger. But they’ve really convinced me how important a job it is. You never know how far that message can ripple out into the future.

I would be surprised if this dove knew she’d make it into the City of Dreams Oracle deck and then travel all the way around the world to arrive in your readings with a story to tell 🕊️

I hope you feel inspired to be a clear receive of messages from your guides and intuition. Carl Jung said when we in contact with our inner self, we are more likely to experience synchronicities - meaningful patterns in life where the inner world is seen to have a correspondence to the external reality. With a deeper awareness, it's easier to have communication with your guides.

This morning The Messenger added: If you need help finding your voice or with self-expression, ask for help from your guides. They will gladly come to your aid.

in harmony and self-expression,


Corresponding Tarot Cards: The Page of Cups, Temperance, 1 of Cups
Corresponding Oracle Cards: Luck, What You Seek Is Seeking You, 11:11


P.S. I don't use ai to write for me, so if there is a typo in here, rest assured that it was made by a human : )

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