Caring for your Tarot Deck

Caring for your Tarot Deck

From what I can tell, a lot of the lore around tarot is actually rooted in a deeper practicality, funnily enough.

Have you heard that you should be gifted your first deck? I think that comes from the idea of having someone with experience there to guide you and or answer questions as you begin working with this new tool.

Another common recommendation you'll likely here is to never leave your cards out after a reading.

I heard this one a lot when I first started with my deck and always adhered to it as best I could. The idea of closing out the reading so that the energy of it wasn't lingering in my space made sense to me.

In addition to that, I think this one also comes from wanting to take good care of your cards, so gusts of wind don't toss them behind the sofa, resulting in a lost card, spills happening, or curious pets don't bend them by stepping on them or chewing the corners, etc.

The same thing goes for never letting anyone else handle your deck. I can definitely see how protecting the energy of your tarot deck is a very real thing, and on a practical note there is always a slight chance of accidental mishandling when entrusting your treasured deck to a friend.

Midnight City Tarot cards are made from high quality, professional grade playing cards, so please shuffle and use with confidence! But, they are paper after all, so it is a good idea to treat these with care and store them safely after each use.

Because sometimes unexpected things happen, I've made individual replacement cards available for you! You can check those out here, or send me an email with any questions.

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