Getting to Know Your Oracle Deck

Getting to Know Your Oracle Deck

While the guide booklet is comprehensive and a great starting place, everyone has their own unique associations to various symbols and nuanced meanings for the cards. 


I recommend 'meeting' the cards to form a stronger bond with them. Eventually when they show up in a reading, it will be like seeing an old friend.


  1. Find a quiet place and bring a journal and pen.
  2. Take all of the cards out and place them face up. 
  3. Organize them in a way that feels innately right to you. It could be grouping them by color, season, theme, if they have animals, plants, or places that are meaningful. Position them in a great big circle or in rows. Get creative and have fun. However feels right to you is the way to go!
  4. Which card(s) stand out to you most? Start with one or two that you give you the strongest feelings.
  5. Place those cards close to you and imagine yourself in the scene. Write down any notes that come to you. Free-write your feelings, sensations, memories, any and all of those things that pop in your mind as you look them over are worth noting!

You can try this practice every so often, whenever you feel called.



Above all, the best way to bond with a new deck is to spend time with it.


Start with a single card pull a day. Try it for a week, or 30 days, and write a sentence or two in your journal about it.


It's also fun to take photos of what you pulled. Later when you refer back to your camera roll, it can be insightful to see which cards were coming up at that time.


You could also try a more extensive weekly, monthly or seasonal reading. Head over to this post to check out a spread that works beautifully with this deck.


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