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Midnight City Tarot

Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers

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Level-up your glamour magic practice with these NYC-inspired nail stickers. Each hand-illustrated decal symbolizes an icon from the Midnight City Tarot deck.

Invoke the energies from the deck to help you bring your dreams to life, while adding a bright pop of color to your magical fingertips.

Inspired by the 9 of Coins: the card of luxury, treating yourself and generally being that witch.

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For your main character moment


  • Each sheet contains 111 nail stickers

  • Features a selection of hand-drawn illustration from the Midnight City Tarot deck

Easy to Apply

  • Select your intention, and chose a sticker that matches

  • Use tweezers to apply to dried polished nails, gel manicure or bare nails

  • Enjoy!

Fast, Tracked Shipping

  • Ships next business day!