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Midnight City Tarot

Apothecary Matches

Apothecary Matches

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As the match is struck in the Ace of Wands, so begins our journey through the Minor Arcana.

This friction causes a chemical reaction that bursts a blue and yellow flame into existence. And with the lighting of the candle, a chain reaction is set forth, alchemizing our desired outcome into material form.

Candle magic is a powerful method of manifestation that utilizes the element of fire. To know the suit of the Wands in the tarot, is to understand the properties of fire itself. A speedy, unpredictable, primal, creative and transformative force.

Harness its most beneficial properties to spark your dreams into reality with these fun and colorful matches.

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The details


  • Each jar contains 18-20 matches

  • Single use safety match. Strike on the bottom of the jar to light

  • When you're done, the apothecary bottle can be repurposed for your next spell jar!


  • Apothecary matches are sold individually.

  • Glass jars are 2.55″ tall x 0.87″ wide, with cork lids

  • Matches are 1.85″

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